Wash and Polish ( Ideal for exterior body )

Due to exposure to pollution, dust, smoke, rain and UV rays, vehicle colour & shine starts to fade out. To mainting the showroom like shine on your vehicle it is good to have Wash and Polish on your vehicle. In this package, you will get :

  • Pressure Water wash
  • Salt water mark removal
  • Tar removal
  • Edges and bidding cleaning
  • Interior vacuum cleaning
  • Salt water mark removal
  • Alloys cleaning
  • Polish and sealant



Removes minor paint defects ( light swirl marks, dullness )
Provides high gloss


Intensive Interior Cleaning

Sometimes normal internal cleaning is not sufficient for your car. Get intensive / deep interior cleaning once a year to keep your car new from inside too. In this package you will get:

  • Pet hair removal ( if applicable )
  • Seat cleaning ( Fabric / Leather )
  • Roof-top, Carpet, seat belt cleaning
  • Interior Steam Wash
  • Dashboard, doors cleaning and dressing
  • Ozone Air treatment ( odour removal ) & Sanitization
  • Exterior Pressure Water Wash & carnauba wax polishing


Head & Tail Light Restoration and Polishing

Due to continuous exposure to pollution, UV rays, dust, rains etc you would have noticed that HeadLight and Tail Light of your car becomes dull, hazy and yellowish in colour.
Get your car’s head and tail light restored to its original condition.

Black Trim / Plastic part Restoration

External black trims / plastic parts are tough to manage.Over a period of time, it starts to oxidise and colour fades out to grey or patches develop on the trims. If you want to restore the black colour of your trims / plastic part then you must go for this service. It comes with a one year warranty.

Glass Treatment and Polishing

If you are frequently using your car and often experience rain while driving, then it is a must to have this service. Glass Treatment and Polishing helps to remove the minor marks, water spots and other contamination from your windshield, providing a very clear vision and also provide hydrophobicity ( water repellant ) capabilities.

Seat cleaning

Get stains removed from your car seat ( leather or fabric ).

If You need doorstep inspection to have correct evaluation then there would be visit charge.

Wash and Wax

Coming back from a long drive and there is dust, mud, water spots on your vehicle then it’s time to get a pressure water wash for your vehicle and restore its shine by premium quality carnauba wax polishing.

Minor dent / scratch removal service

Incase you got minor scratches on your vehicle which looks odd and then just get rid of it by our premium dent and scratch removal service.

Sanitization and ozone air treatment

Get your vehicle sanitised and also get rid of bad smell from your vehicle by getting a ozone air treatment.

Automotive enthusiasts always want to maintain the glow and sleekness of the premium quality paint on their vehicle. And in order to achieve it they look for ways to protect it from from mud, dirt, sun exposure, bird droppings and chemicals. And this requirement was addressed by Ceramic coating . Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer based product made up of silica. This silica-based liquid polymer is applied by hand and cures to form a protective layer that, when properly maintained, can be effective for several years.

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating

Protection against sun UV rays, chemicals

Protection against sun UV rays, chemicals

Protection against sun UV rays, chemicals

Protection against sun UV rays, chemicals

Protection against sun UV rays, chemicals

Based on the ceramic coating hardness and durability of it, cost varies. Though there are many benefits of ceramic coating but at the same time also understand that:

Ceramic coating will not protect from scratches, swirl marks and rock chips.

Ceramic coating will not protect from water spots.

Ceramic coating requires regular maintenance.

Primarily there are three types available:

1 year (9H )

2 year ( 9H or 10H )

4 year ( 10H or Graphene )

One of the major limitations with the ceramic coating is that it cannot protect the car paint from scratches, swirl marks and rock chips. The only concern with PPF is its high cost. Therefore, many car owners also consider to apply PPF only on damage prone area like bonnet, bumper, fenders, side mirrors, rocker panels.

Full Car

Damage Prone Area ( Safeguard the most exposed areas of your vehicle like the bonnet, bumper, fenders, rearview mirrors & the rocker panels)

Windshield Protection